We support startups to quickly achieve success in the market, help established organizations to innovate and motivate people with new ideas to take the next step. 



Entrepreneurs, innovators and makers

With us you will find energy, knowledge and networks so that your visions can grow stronger.
Are you ready to challenge existing solutions?


Do you want to take your idea to the next level? Through our programs you will get the help you need to make a realistic plan and challenge your abilities with sustainable growth as your goal. Our dedicated business advisors guide you through the process of developing and growing as an entrepreneur.


Do you want to awaken creativity in the management room, solve challenges, create new solutions or find out what it takes to remain relevant in the future? Our process leaders help companies and organizations to gather knowledge and explore their innovation power.


Do you want to be part of our community? We create spaces where creative people with different backgrounds and skills can find each other, start collaborating and achieve success together. As a member of our community, you get access to our networks, office environments and events.

News and events

Take part in the latest and upcoming events in our newsroom.

Transition emergency room

Get support through the Corona crisis. In cooperation with Västernorrland municipalities, we offer up to eight hours of free business coaching to all entrepreneurs in the county who want and can renew their business model. Together we find new ways forward!

Pure Business Impact

In cooperation with PURE ACT BizMaker now offers a sustainability program for entrepreneurs in Västernorrland. Through a series of seminars, we give you knowledge and tools on how sustainability can be integrated into your business to strengthen your company's brand and competitiveness.

Meet The Makers

BizMaker Stories is a film series to inspire you about entrepreneurship, drive, challenges and lessons learned. 

We'd love to hear more about your ideas and ambitions. Meet our advisors, free of charge up to four times.

BizMaker's mission is to create benefits and value that both promote business development and the society we live in. All businesses today need to constantly innovate in order not to lose momentum. With us, the forward movement is constant and our team is as dedicated as you are. Together we ensure that the investments pay dividends with economic, social and environmental sustainability in focus.