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Are you ready to be challenged and develop? Business Scaleup is a growth program for micro and small businesses in Västernorrland that want to grow. The program supports you and your company in creating space for sustainable, strategic work to meet tomorrow's needs and become more profitable. The approach is based on an award-winning method provided by the Navigator Foundation.

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What is a scaleup?

A Scaleup is a small but established company with the potential to grow. The company has a clear business idea and a product that has been confirmed in the market. They have developed a business model that works and know which market segment to target. The next step for a Scaleup is to develop new strategies to grow and expand. 

Do you have the potential and desire to grow? 

Then you and your company are not alone. There are a large number of companies in Västernorrland with both the potential and the desire to grow, but for various reasons they do not. In the film you hear participating companies, a growth coach and process managers from BizMaker talk about the program. Who should participate? What does it give the companies that participate?  

About Business Scaleup

Business Scaleup runs over 18 months with regular meetings and is designed based on your time, needs and resources. During the program, you meet us at BizMaker who coordinate the program and your designated coaches. Together we support you by, among other things, mapping the business, developing a future roadmap and contributing unique expertise. Admission to the program is ongoing.

WHO can participate?

Business Scaleup is aimed at those who run companies in Västernorrland, regardless of the industry in which you operate.  

To participate, you need to meet these conditions:

  • You are a CEO, owner or member of the company's management team.
  • You have the ambition to grow your business.
  • Your company has about 5-18 employees
  • Your company has a turnover of at least 5 million per year. 


We protect your intellectual property rights and all IP stays with you as the creator. We work under strict confidentiality and all information is kept confidential.

A competitive company at the forefront needs constant replenishment of both knowledge and business intelligence to develop.

Ewa Sandeheim, BizMaker

This is how it works


You will be supported in identifying and streamlining processes and sharpening your company's vision. 


You will be guided with proven tools and methods and coached through regular follow-ups.


You get access to BizMaker's wide network of experienced entrepreneurs, business advisors and coaches.  


We book a first meeting to get to know you and your company. During this meeting, we carry out a goal and process mapping where we identify five strategically important processes that have development potential to increase the growth of your company.

The goal and process mapping covers, among other things:

- The company's core process and mapping of goals and workflows to see where your business is today.
- The company's resources, what can be streamlined and where the profitability is.

STEP 2. coaches are appointed

Your company will be matched with four coaches who possess expert knowledge that is deemed useful for you and your company. The areas covered are finance, customer, process and development. The coaches will then support you and your company throughout the program. The coaches are people from the business community with solid experience and excellence.  

STEP 3. get to know the coaches

In this session, you will get to know your coaches and they will describe what they can contribute, based on their unique areas of expertise and linked to the five strategic objectives identified during the first meeting (goal and process mapping).

STEP 4. coaching sessions

You, the four coaches and we at BizMaker meet on six occasions to review and follow up on the goals and processes identified. In addition, you also have individual review meetings with us at BizMaker. We follow a proven concept during all meetings and document the entire process. 

Participation in the program has so far provided a lot of ideas and thoughts. Above all, we have gained better business acumen from others looking into the business.

Fredrik Harlestedt, Bilfix

Most people who run small businesses are neither economists nor HR specialists, but are good at what they do. I think that many people like me need help with things that are not related to the core business.

André Nykvist, A.N Mättjänster

Do you want to become a growth coach?

We are looking for you with extensive experience in entrepreneurship and business development, who want to share your knowledge as a growth coach in our Business Scaleup program.


Participating companies

Magnus Nelhagen at Mobilbetong Ånge.


Mainly performs concrete production at each site, but also loading, unloading and delivery of gravel. And rental of construction machinery, among other things.

Visit Mobilbetong Ånge
André Nykvist, CEO of A. N Mättjänster.

A.N Measuring service

Provides services for all aspects of surveying, such as setting out, taking measurements, quantity calculations, quantity control, core networks and design. 

Patrik Rosengren and Annica Jonsson at Kinab.


Full-service provider for recycling environments. They create fresh and functional recycling environments through cleaning, service and consulting services at their customers' sites.

Fredrik Harlestedt and Christer Andersson at Bilfix.


A car repair shop that troubleshoots, repairs and services all cars, regardless of brand. They also offer tire replacement, wheel alignment and tire hotels.

Henrik Sjöström and Vincent Skerved from Xavitech AB.


Develops, manufactures and sells intelligent micro-pumps with embedded software optimized for various gas and liquid applications in a global market.

Hans Person, CEO of Hamek Verkstad AB.


A complete mechanical workshop with a wide range of production from sheet metal to painted products. Takes orders from companies that do not have their own production.


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Ewa Sandeheim

Project manager
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Pelle Berglund

Business advisor - Ånge
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