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Are you part of the green transition? In the Forest Business Accelerator, if you run a promising business with a forestry connection, you have the opportunity to quickly step up and move from words to action.

You will have the chance to verify and develop your solutions in close collaboration with industry-leading companies operating in a global market. You will have access to a unique pilot park where you will be offered the opportunity to test, develop and improve processes and technologies with the support of research. You will also have access to powerful digital platforms, business development efforts and meetings with industry specialists, potential customers and partners. By cross-fertilizing forestry with digitalization and entrepreneurship, we can create new solutions.

Do you have an innovation that contributes to a more sustainable world?

What is the green transition?

The green transition refers to a transition to an ecologically sustainable economy and growth that is not based on the overconsumption of natural resources and fossil fuels. A sustainable economy is based on low-carbon solutions and solutions that promote the circular economy and biodiversity.


For a long time, the forest has created great value for us in Sweden. From trees, timber and pulp to modern processing in new industries. Today, forest raw materials can be used as a climate-smart alternative for everything from packaging, food, clothing and fuel. Research in the area is intensive and the forest industry is a driving force in creating growth in the bioeconomy of today and tomorrow. Västernorrland is home to companies and research that drive the green transition. Together they play a crucial role in the development of a green bioeconomy and in the energy transition.

About the Forest Business Accelerator

Forest Business Accelerator is a collaboration between BizMaker, SCA, IBM and Processum Biorefinery Clusters, which is part of RISE. Based on set goals, business models and strategies, we work together to commercialize and internationalize your solution in larger markets.

You will have access to industry specialists, advanced technology platforms, valuable networks and new opportunities for collaboration. You will also receive support in packaging your offer and business model, as well as support in finding financing solutions and investor contacts. In addition, you will also receive demand-driven interventions, such as advice on patents and IPR issues and legal support in drafting contracts.

Who can participate?

The program is aimed at those who run a company in Sweden with the aim of commercializing your innovation. The innovation must have a forestry connection and be sustainable. This means that it must in some way create value for the forest or the forest industry, but cross-fertilization with other industries and areas may vary. Maybe you identify the forest as a new market area? Perhaps you see new opportunities in energy, smart materials, food or anything else that can make the world a little greener? Then you have found the right place!

Examples of innovations we are looking for:

  • Innovations based on pulp, paper, and wood.
  • Innovations that increase the value of residues
  • Sustainable food production
  • Streamlining of the production processes of the forest industry.
  • Industry-related products, services and solutions in areas such as IoT, Big Data, SCM, AI, VR and robotics
  • Innovations that contribute to the green energy transition

Criteria for participation in the programme:

  • The company should have a product or service that is or is very close to a market introduction.
  • The company's innovation must have growth potential and be scalable in international markets.
  • The company should be able to focus on its business development within the program.
  • The company's registration number must not have been registered for more than five years.
  • The company's founding team must own 75% of the company; there must be no dividends to owners.

The program offers unique access to


Support in development and verification against SCA processes and operations.


BizMaker, SCA, IBM and Processum business advisors, networks, industry expertise, technology and test environments.


IBM's powerful platforms for developing applications based on IoT, AI and big data.

Pilot plant

RISE Processum's extensive pilot plant for testing biotechnology and chemical processes.

Program structure

The program starts once or twice a year and runs for seven months. It is an intensive program with both physical and digital meetings. We meet in workshops, seminars and other types of events.

Participants are expected to participate in these joint themed full-day meetings:

- Introduction, action plan
- Financing, business modeling
- Market communication and sustainability
- Strategy for growth
- International business
- Closing days.

How much does it cost?

The fee for participating in our forestry accelerator in 2023 is SEK 10,000 + VAT. You are responsible for travel, accommodation and expenses for your company's participation.

You are offered help to find the right type of finance to scale up your business based on your needs. However, we do not invest in your company and therefore do not take any ownership in the programme.


We protect your intellectual property rights and all IP stays with you as the creator. We work under strict confidentiality and all information is kept confidential.

Our expectations for the program have been met and exceeded. The close cooperation with the partner companies is unique and has been extremely positive for us. The contact we have had with SCA both during the program and going forward is very valuable.

Josefin Larsson, Reselo

"Through the accelerator, we have received prestigious references, SCA, with whom we now have a lot of contact, and also other large companies that are world-class in their niches. We have gained real contacts, real business and met people who open up their entire network.

Ida Rehnström, Flasheye

Want to know more?

Pelle Berglund

Business advisor - Ånge
073 847 94 24

Participating startups in 2023

Melinda Persson, founder and Linda Morén of Diri Safety Solutions.


Provides companies with a digital risk management tool to facilitate occupational risk assessments and extend systematic health and safety management.

Linnea Brännström founder of Original Creations.


Provides a transparent traceability system that unites actors throughout the material flow chain and streamlines customers' sustainability reporting.

Håkan Wahlgren, business developer and Lars Birging, CEO and co-founder of Zigrid.


Has developed a solution to produce electricity from low temperatures that are currently not used.

Sara Nozkova CEO and co-founder of FLOX Robotics.


Designs, develops and deploys autonomous technologies to keep wild animals out of areas where they shouldn't be.

Malin Alpsten, CEO and co-founder and Anna Carlsson, co-founder of Bright Day Graphene.


Produces graphene from renewable resources with unique properties optimized for energy storage.



Linnea Brännström is the CEO and founder of Original Creation, one of the participating startups in the Forest Business Accelerator.

Recruitment and pilot customers in focus for Original Creation

Melinda Persson and Linda Morén have participated with the startup company DIRI Safety Solutions in BizMaker's business development program Forest Business Accelerator 2023.

Smart risk management already a success on paper - now DIRI is scaling up!

Sára Nožková, CEO and co-founder of FLOX Robotics.

Unique technology can control and herd wild animals 

Programme partners

SCA logo

The core of SCA's business is the forest - 2.6 million hectares in northern Sweden. Around this unique resource, we have built a well-developed value chain based on renewable raw materials from our own and others' forests. We offer paper for packaging and printing, pulp, wood products, renewable energy, services for forest owners and efficient transport solutions.

SCA about the accelerator
Many exciting and promising future initiatives exist within SCA, but it is of course impossible to focus on all potentially interesting tracks. That's why we need entrepreneurs who can develop and commercialize concepts that go beyond what we ourselves are investing in. An entrepreneurial company can form a structure and culture that is optimal for the development of completely new products and businesses where extremely quick decisions are part of everyday life. However, what is often missing is the power of resources, knowledge, contacts and business experience that large companies possess. A well thought-out collaboration between entrepreneurs and large companies provides interesting conditions for creating completely new values.

Forest Business Accelerator is an important platform for enabling a fruitful exchange between SCA Forest Products and entrepreneurs. We are convinced that the accelerator will be able to open doors to new interesting dialogues, relationships and collaborations.

A particularly interesting and highly relevant component of the forest accelerator is the cross-connection between the forest industry and digitalization. Today's society, industry and business are affected and expected to be increasingly affected by the development made possible by digitalization. Therefore, it has been obvious to start a forestry accelerator with a clear link to digitalization together with BizMaker and IBM.

SCA Forest Products sees the accelerator as an initiative aimed at creating a seedbed for transformative innovations. It is very interesting to bring together entrepreneurs around the forest industry to create new opportunities for the future.

Link to SCA's website:

IBM logo blue

IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company dedicated to the digital transformation of businesses and industries. Operating in over 170 countries and with innovation at the heart of our strategy, IBM delivers industry-specific solutions in cognitive services, cloud, big data and analytics, security, mobility and collaboration. We operate at the intersection of technology and business. This enables us to change the world we live in. Our customers are working to solve urban traffic jams, find the cure for cancer, improve the safety of food handling, reduce various types of risks, and not least, they are working to take care of their own customers, employees, citizens and patients in better and more personalized ways. Being an essential organization in the creation of a smarter planet is our mission.

Link to the IBM website:

RISE logo

RISE in Örnsköldsvik supports and initiates research and development in biorefinery. Together with other biorefinery initiatives, our cluster of partners from industry and academia forms an important hub for the development of new products, processes and energy solutions from forest raw materials and process industry waste streams. With our expertise and pilot equipment, we can carry out development projects or produce substances for further development on behalf of individual parties in a neutral and independent manner.

Link to the RISE Processum website:

Previous participating startups 2017-2022


A startup that streamlines freight logistics for industries by gathering construction routines for transport companies and drivers in one system.



The creator behind the "Google of the Forest" – a high-tech system for tree recognition and tracking that’s used in the fight against illegal deforestation.



The developer of revolutionary products in the form of water-soluble and fossil-free lubricants for forestry and construction machinery.



A startup that sees forestry in a completely new way and manufactures unique food products for global export that use spruce shoots as flavoring agents.



A digital technology company using AI and sensors to measure forest populations in real time on a smartphone.



The developer of M3 smart wooden houses and offices on property extending onto water in central city locations.



Lowering the purchase price of electricity through information logistics, strategy development and algorithm trading.



A company that has, in collaboration with the Swedish fashion and forest industry, developed a unique technology for the production of cellulose hangers.



A startup company with a product that automates and connects in real time the construction process' business and logistics chain, from the first board to the finished building.



The tech developer behind an automated spreader system for fertilizing and returning ash over forests using unique drone technology.



The creator of a unique technology for decomposition of logs, which increases the pulp industry's use of forest raw materials.


The developer of tomorrow's technology in global water treatment for the process industry, as well as municipal and private treatment plants.



A company that transforms residual products from the forest industry into economically and environmentally valuable products, such as biochar, bio-oil and bioenergy.



The team behind a unique drone technology that can measure large volumes of forest stands, which automates traditional methods.

Andreas Vidman on Prediktera.


A startup that provides chemical image analysis and reading of large volumes of material in forest production processes.

Jakob Liedberg, CEO, Cinis-Fertilizer.


The creator of a process for converting ash from pulp mills to a high-quality and fossil-free mineral fertilizer.



A startup creating a unique cutting-edge technology in AI that streamlines and improves the industry's processes.

The Taigatech team.


AI solution that helps sawmills identify individual logs throughout the process and cut them up optimally.

Daika Woods team.


A new bio-based material that can replace plastics, made from residual currents from the forest industry.

Gary Cass, Cass Materials.


A new method for sustainable production of textile materials, based on nanocellulose and unique natural processes.

Victor Borén and Leif Erlandsson at MicroDri.


A microwave-based solution for wood drying where each individual board can be monitored to customise the drying process.

Christoffer Olausen and Lars Erik Sjögren at Biosorbe.


Has developed a biomaterial that can effectively and environmentally absorb hydrocarbons and oil from water, air and soil.

Ida Rehnström and Dariusz Kominiak on Flasheye.


Uses a specific type of 3D sensors for monitoring industries that can see and analyze processes, vehicles and people in real time.

Jonathan Persson and Erik Rosengren at Helios Innovations.

Helios Innovations

Has developed a method to purify seawater and other liquids at very low temperatures, allowing industries to harness the energy from their own waste heat.

Josefin Larsson and Thomas Baumgarten at Reselo.


Converts the residual product birch bark into a biomaterial that can replace fossil-based rubber found in toys, protective equipment and footwear, for example.

Johanna Johansson of PlantVation AB


The developer of a technology for automating cultivation systems that streamline and digitize plant cultivation.

Tebritos team.


Develops large-scale automated production of insects for food and feed, grown on residual streams from the forest industry.

Axel Häger of Jord Innovation.

Soil Innovation

Develops compostable tea lights made from a biodegradable material.

Thomas Storsjö, CEO, Eric Tjernberg, founder and Juan Pablo Arrigoni, researcher and PhD in composting at Biocompost.


A composting technology startup that processes organic waste into environmentally friendly soil products.

Hugo Wikström and Elena Petukhovskaya at Big Akwa.

Big Akwa

A Sustainable fish farming startup that supplies biofilter with nutrients to the paper industry while, at the same time, creating a cleaner marine environment.