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Do you have an innovative idea that you want to turn into reality? Whether you come to us as a private individual, student, researcher or entrepreneur, you are most welcome!

In our Business Incubator, you will be supported by business advisors who are specialists in business development and have extensive experience in building companies. If you need other expertise, we also have around 30 consultants to support you in different areas.

What matters to us is not your background or who you are, but your innovation, your drive and your desire to create something sustainable.

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What is an incubator?

An incubator supports and facilitates start-ups with innovative business ideas to enter the market and become profitable. This is done through business development and networking.

Do you have a business idea that you want to turn into reality?

We know that it is good ideas and brave people that make a real difference and enable the transition to a sustainable society. You have to do the work, but we will do everything we can to support you along the way. A warm welcome to us, whoever you are!


You will have up to four free personal meetings with a business advisor. Together we will discuss how your idea creates value for you, for your customers and for society at large. Is there a customer base? Is there a demand and need in the market? Here you can test and tweak your idea many times! 


Ready to invest wholeheartedly in your business idea? We support you with our expertise and proven tools to help you develop and shape your idea and business model into a profitable and long-term sustainable business. Through our network, we can provide the right skills and funding opportunities for early-stage ideas.

Switching up

Now we equip you to continue the journey on your own. Once the foundations are in place and delivery can be assured, you'll make your first deals and land your first customers. Are you ready to take your business out into the world? We offer extra support to those who are strategically investing in international growth. 

About the Business Incubator

The Bizmaker incubator program exists to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Therefore, we design the program based on your and your company's needs for support. The program's process can be summarized in seven parts:

Counselling and coaching

As a start-up company, you will have a personal advisor to support you throughout the incubator process. You get help with setting goals and planning activities to develop your idea.

Business development

We support you in all aspects of starting a business. You are offered tailored training, knowledge meetings and help with, for example, news reviews where we examine whether your idea is unique or whether there are similar products or services on the market. If necessary, we bring in external expert consultants to help you with a specific issue. We also help you look at all aspects of sustainability in your business, ecologically, economically and socially. We have a large toolbox to support you in different business development processes, where NABC and Business Model Canvas are two models included.

Team and individual development

The person or people behind an idea is a crucial factor for success. That's why the incubator process includes an analysis of the driving forces and behaviors of you and your team. You will also receive coaching on team and leadership issues. We remind you to strive for diversity and gender equality in your team at an early stage as diversified teams are more efficient and innovative. You will also receive support on skills and staffing issues.


If you live in Västernorrland, you can apply for our incubator program. You can also apply if your business is planned to be based in Västernorrland even if you are registered elsewhere. 


The first four meetings are free of charge. After that, there is a service fee of €200/month for the first phase, which usually lasts about nine months. When you feel ready to commit to your idea, the fee is €1,000/month, giving you access to a wider range of offers and support.


Between 6-36 months. As no two start-up journeys are the same, it varies.

Financing solutions

We support you in creating a plan for financing your idea, designed and adapted to your goals and needs. We have a strong network and know what help is available to finance early-stage ideas. With our tools, we can find out what type of funding would be best for you and your company. If necessary, we provide you with a basic understanding of economics and common economic terms and concepts through, for example, seminars and workshops.

As a startup company in BizMaker's incubator program, you will also have the opportunity to present your business idea to Tregion Startup Invest's network. Tregion Start up Invest is an investment company consisting of about 20 investors who only invest in startups affiliated with BizMaker, Dalarna Science Park and Movexum. We at BizMaker neither invest nor take any shares in your company.

Communication support

We help you get noticed. We highlight your business idea and your successes in various channels and contexts, for example through events, press releases and posts on our social media. Our communicators can also provide support and advice on communication issues.

Contacts and networks

We have a solid network that spans both the public and private sectors and we have personal contacts in a wide range of industries. Our contact network is located in Västernorrland's seven municipalities as well as nationally and internationally. We are happy to provide, or initiate, the contacts you need to achieve your goals.


We work digitally and you can have contact with us wherever you are. You can also choose to have your own workplace at one of our four offices in Västernorrland; Sundsvall, Härnösand, Örnsköldsvik or Ånge. The physical meeting place with informal meetings in the coffee room has proven to be very valuable. There you have the opportunity to make contacts and exchange experiences.

Don't be afraid to test. The worst that can happen is that you learn something. After all, we learn from both successes and failures.

Regina Duymaz, Incubator Manager BizMaker

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Regina Duymaz

Incubator Manager
070 667 17 42

Meet our startups

Are you curious about the ideas and companies we have in our incubator program right now? We are extremely proud of our brave and passionate entrepreneurs and their exciting business ideas.


Funding your idea

We help you find ways to finance your dream. Together we look at the financing options available for you and your business.

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Grow with external capital

Seek capital from Tregion Startup Invest - an exclusive offer for startups enrolled in the BizMaker incubator program.

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WE are building for the future

When we help sustainable ideas grow, we shape a business community that can create value returns far beyond the financial bottom line. A high-flying business idea can generate profits - but more importantly, it can be an important tool for creating well-being, clean air and resources that will last well into the future.

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