sustainabilityA Västernorrland within the limits of the planet

With the social and planetary challenges we face, new ideas have never been more important. To create a secure future for people and the planet, we need to rethink how we live and create value - so innovation is a more important tool than ever. 

We at BizMaker have a fantastic opportunity to be involved in enabling the solutions society needs. By making sustainable ideas succeed and helping today's companies to change their business models, we can contribute to a Västernorrland within the limits of the planet. This, in turn, contributes to solutions that benefit the whole world. At the same time, we also have a great responsibility to ensure that we do not promote overconsumption, ill health, destruction of nature or other unsustainable social trends. 

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, organizations and companies create business models that have a positive impact on nature and people. This can include contributing to ecosystem restoration, improving people's quality of life and contributing to a safe society. 

Our five values

More sustainable solutions

We support the solutions that transform business and promote innovation that builds the organizations of the future. These can be solutions with less negative impact - or solutions that can speed up the transition. 


Leaving behind linear business ideals, we create value in new ways, where one person's waste becomes another's resource. 

jobs & taxes

A region in work creates returns for more societal benefits. And a prosperous society reduces exclusion - which is why employment is an important value for us. 

opportunities for all

Diversity is the best basis for innovation, and to meet the challenges of society we need to make use of the experience and skills of different people.

regenerative role models

Together with the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future, we show what the future of entrepreneurship looks like - and can inspire others to follow suit.

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Klara Ördell

Sustainability Advisor/ Communicator
073 097 26 48