Zeeds has completed the Youth Wellness Accelerator program.
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New digital service to make therapy easier and more effective

With a new app, startup Zeeds wants to encourage more patients to complete their treatment for depression. By cutting down on paperwork and facilitating patient and psychologist interaction between therapy sessions, the founders of Zeeds hope to help more people get well. 

- "It was when I was studying to be a psychologist that I realized how paper-based today's CBT treatments are, with diaries, schedules and text-heavy books, and how useful a digital tool would be," says innovator Mamduh Halawa. 

Now, he and the rest of the Zeeds team have been developing and refining the tool for almost four years, creating an app filled with user-friendly homework assignments where the psychologist can follow the patient's midday activity in real time. 

- The benefits are equally great for both patients and psychologists. But managers also benefit from the tool's systematized, anonymous data where they can measure outcomes in a completely different way than before," says Mamduh. 

Zeeds has participated inBizMaker's accelerator program Youth Wellness Accelerator 2023, for startup companies with digital solutions to counteract mental illness in children and young people.In the accelerator, the companies receive help to test and verify their solutions with relevant customers and target groups. For Zeeds, collaboration with the right people in the public sector has been particularly rewarding. 

- The accelerator has been a very valuable entry point for psychologists and managers working in clinical settings to share their existing tools and challenges. It is clear that the problem of accessibility and adherence is significant and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. 

Mamduh Halawa, Zeeds

One of the partners from the program that has collaborated with Zeeds isRegion Västernorrland. Sofie Lidehäll, a development strategist in the region, sees a great need for easily accessible and customized support that can be there continuously for the patient during a treatment period. 

- I believe that the possibility of closer contact and increased participation throughout the treatment period is a great benefit for both psychologist and patient. It should increase the possibility of need-based support from the psychologist and the degree of commitment and sense of power over the patient's own well-being. 

Sofie believes the company has a good chance of growing, succeeding and making a big impact, not least because of Mamduh's genuine personality. 

For Mamduh Halawa, it is all about solving a real problem. That's why the biggest benefit is the increased insight into the daily lives of caregivers. 

- Our solution has to be so much better that it is worth bringing in another system," he says. 

The launch of the tool is in full swing, with private healthcare providers in Sweden being the first to use it. 

- In parallel with the launch, we are further optimizing the app. Then we will focus on further development towards more and even more complex segments," concludes Mamduh Halawa. 


Mamduh Halawa

Cecilia Nordlund, Project Manager Youth Wellness Accelerator and Business Advisor, BizMaker
070-557 9003

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