Grant Ware and Giselle Abbas, MindQuest participants in the Youth Wellness Accelerator - a BizMaker accelerator program.
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Digital storytelling brings children's emotions to the surface

MindQuest is developing a game-inspired method for preventing mental illness, aimed at a young target group. The company has just been formed and is run by Giselle Abbas, Grant Ware and Åsa Jonsson. The goal is to create an app that helps children between five and twelve years old develop their emotional skills through storytelling and engaging activities.

The game allows children to follow a main character that they can relate to and reflect on. The story, written by the founders themselves, is based on the story and personality of a real person.

- I have been very inspired by a family member. This is a way to honor his memory and allow his story to benefit others," says Giselle Abbas.

Many children need help to express their feelings and develop their empathy and resilience. The MindQuest method is based on making it easy for parents and others to check in and start a dialog based on the game.

- It's so easy for children to close themselves off and sit alone with their iPads. That's not going to happen here," says Grant. "Because the game is based on psychology, we have hired a psychotherapist to help us ask the right questions. Our product has to be both engaging and measurable. At the end of each game session, a report is created, which can be shared with parents, teachers and healthcare providers.

MindQuest is one of the participants in BizMaker's business development program Youth Wellness Accelerator for digital solutions to combat mental illness in children and young people. The accelerator helps startup companies to identify their business, verify solutions, find funding and communicate their value to future customers.

- Among other things, our partners in the program have taught us the importance of finding the ownership structure and regulating it in clear agreements. They have helped us create a secure framework and create a good pitch and business plan. Among other things, we have received good support through regular partner meetings and our contact person has continuously been updated on where we are in the process. BizMaker has provided valuable tips on possible funding to apply for. Now we have a plan for funding in the coming months," says Giselle happily. 

Eva-Marie Blusi Tyberg is an innovation manager in the municipality of Sundsvall and one of the contact persons who has guided the participants to the right people in the primary school, for example. Something that would otherwise have been difficult to achieve on their own. 

- "We are involved in the Youth Wellness Accelerator because there is a need for new ways to address the growing ill-health among young people. We believe that business and the public sector need to make this journey together and find new business models in the borderland between the public and private sectors," she says.

In the program, MindQuest has developed a rough prototype that they will test and refine for their various target groups. Since children with neuropsychiatric disabilities can benefit particularly from support to explain their emotions, there is interest in fine-tuning the method for this group, for example.

- "We now have valuable contacts in the world of education and also ongoing discussions with potential investors who have very clear and concrete requests. There is clearly a lot of interest out there," Grant and Giselle conclude. 


Giselle Abbas, co-founder MindQuest

Cecilia Nordlund, Project Manager Youth Wellness Accelerator and Business Advisor, BizMaker
070-557 9003

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